Can I make a claim for domestic abuse?

Posted 02/05/24

Can I make a claim for domestic abuse?

Domestic abuse is a deeply damaging form of violence that affects millions of individuals worldwide. It can occur within intimate partner relationships, families, or households, and its impact can be devastating. Victims often endure physical and psychological harm at the hands of their abusers, leaving a lasting impact that extends far beyond the immediate trauma.

The Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority (CICA) is a government funded scheme established to provide compensation to Victims who have been injured physically or psychologically because of a violent crime. This includes the victims of domestic violence, whereby, the compensation tariffs range between £2000 and £8,200 depending on the level of physical abuse suffered with increased awards for a recognized psychological injury. The compensation awarded by the CICA can help survivors cover medical expenses, loss of earnings, and other costs associated with their injuries.

To be eligible for compensation from the CICA, victims of domestic abuse must meet certain criteria. Seeking compensation for domestic violence can be a challenging and emotionally taxing experience. Without specialist knowledge claims are often undervalued or rejected altogether.

Therefore, our knowledgeable Team aims to represent victims through each stage of the process, from gathering evidence to submitting the application and ensuring our clients receive the award they deserve.

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