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Experts in criminal injuries compensation law

Criminal injuries compensation law is a highly specialised area. Not all solicitors have experience in this field.

The necessary gathering of evidence and the way in which the claim is presented to the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority is all important. Equally, it is imperative to have an in depth knowledge of the workings of the scheme and the way in which the CICA will process and deal with the application. GLP has that knowledge and experience that will make a difference.

Many thousands of claims are refused by the CICA each year due to the inadequate preparation by the applicant, and a lack of understanding of the Scheme. It is also likely that many people accept an award that is actually too low if one is offered.

An expert understanding is needed to ensure that the claim is processed promptly and efficiently and that challenges are made where and when appropriate. Victims might be told that they do not need a solicitor but this is a complex Scheme with many pitfalls.

Some examples of our successes

A 25 year old male victim of assault represented by GLP at an appeal Tribunal in Leeds received an award of £41,940 for psychological damage after an initial offer of £2637 was by the CICA.

A Stockport man with severe leg injuries was recommended to GLP by Victim Support having received an offer of £54,000 from the CICA. By producing evidence to prove damaged earning capacity GLP had the award increased to £109,000.

A 38 year old woman who had been sexually abused by her father over a number of years was offered an award of £22,000. At a Tribunal GLP succeeded in having this increased to £200,000.

GLP regularly achieves the maximum of £500,000 award available under the Scheme for seriously injured victims of brain and mental health injury. We are there to make sure that victims receive what they deserve.

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