Claiming for Psychological Injuries under the Criminal Injuries Compensation Scheme

Posted 27/02/24

Claiming for Psychological Injuries under the Criminal Injuries Compensation Scheme

Written by Mackenzie Healey


The Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority (CICA) is a government authority in the United Kingdom that looks to compensate victims of violent crimes. The CICA (2012) Scheme aims to support individuals who have suffered physical and/or psychological injuries as a result of criminal acts.

Where the claim is for psychological injury the Scheme has certain set criteria which needs to be proven. Through evidence the victim needs to show evidence that:

The Scheme also adds that a “temporary mental anxiety” and similar temporary conditions are specifically excluded from the Scheme. This means that compensation is not recoverable through the Scheme for the type of psychological reaction that most people will suffer when they have been a victim of a violent crime.

Many victims who suffer significant psychological injury face long waiting lists for mental health services and so may not have the required diagnosis for some considerable time; even when they are seen this is not always by a clinical psychologist or psychiatrist. This can lead to many victims waiting before they submit an application (or never making one) and potentially running the risk of their claim being rejected as it has not been submitted within the 2-year time limit from the date of the crime of violence.

Our advice as CICA claim specialists would be to seek advice immediately and not wait until you have been seen by a psychiatrist or clinical psychologist as there may be ways, through evidence gathering, to avoid such situations.

For example, it may be possible that where treatment has been provided that the therapist is perhaps, within their organisation overseen by a psychiatrist or clinical psychologist and can confirm a diagnosis or prognosis.

Claiming compensation for psychological injuries under the CICA scheme is a structured and evidence-based process. At GLP Solicitors we can provide professional advice and guidance throughout your application with the aim of navigating your claim through the CICA Scheme to a successful conclusion.

Please contact GLP Solicitors on 0161 764 1818 or by email via to discuss your eligibility to claim for a psychological injury through the Criminal injuries Compensation Scheme further.


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