Victim of sexual abuse awarded significant compensation.

Jo-Anna Walmsley

Posted 09/06/20

Written by
Jo-Anna Walmsley

Victim of sexual abuse awarded significant compensation.
GLP have recently concluded a settlement of a criminal injury compensation claim on behalf of “Miss A “ who had been sexually abused as a child. Miss A had initially pursued a claim herself with the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority ("CICA"). The first offer of compensation received was £16,500. However as a result of GLP presenting a comprehensive case to CICA we were able to secure an offer of more than £67,500-  an increase of over £50,000 on the original offer.
Miss A was delighted with and subsequently accepted the offer thanking the GLP criminal injury specialist Jo-anna Walmsley and the GLP team for the hard work, legal expertise and service that has meant that Miss A has received the compensation she is legally entitled to and deserves.
Jo-anna is happy for the client and explained that "my client has suffered terribly over the years as a result of shocking sexual abuse. I am pleased that CICA eventually acknowledged the level of abuse suffered and agreed with our assessment of compensation. This is another example as to why victims of crime should seek legal advice from specialist criminal injury lawyers such as GLP before pursuing a criminal injury compensation claim”.
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