Domestic violence risk 'higher in rural areas' says Women's Aid

Posted 22/01/20

People living in rural communities in Northern Ireland are at particular risk of domestic abuse, according to the charity Women's Aid.
A recent UK-wide report from the National Rural Crime Network (NRCN) said abuse in rural areas can last longer and leave victims more isolated.
Those living further from towns are less likely to report abuse or get support, according to the report.
Women's Aid in NI said reported abuse was "the tip of the iceberg".
"All of our resources go in to the areas where the highest statistics are coming in but women in rural areas aren't reporting as much," said Sonya McMullan from Women's Aid.
"In Northern Ireland within our rural communities very often we have patriarchal notions of society with regard to who would own the local shop, who would be the GP, who would be the head of the police.
"All of those kinds of services would still be very male-led.

Full Story: BBC News

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