Abused husband: ‘My wife put a knife to my throat.'

22/01/20   A truck driver who suffered years of domestic violence from his wife has said it should not happen to anyone.Tony Hannington from Herne Bay in Kent, who was threatened with a knife, eventually reported...

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Men with alcohol problems 'six times more likely to abuse partner'

22/01/20   Men who are dependent on alcohol or drugs are six or seven times more likely to be involved in domestic abuse against women than others, according to an extensive new study. The research, published in...

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Domestic violence risk 'higher in rural areas' says Women's Aid

22/01/20   People living in rural communities in Northern Ireland are at particular risk of domestic abuse, according to the charity Women's Aid. A recent UK-wide report from the National Rural Crime Network (NRCN...

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Domestic abuse against men is Yorkshire's 'biggest taboo' with thousands too ashamed to report horrifying crime

22/01/20   Domestic abuse and violence against men in Yorkshire is the county's "biggest taboo" experts have warned with thousands of victims too ashamed to report what has happened to them due to the stigma surrounding...

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Children in care abused by "Predators"

22/01/20   Hundreds of children were sexually abused by predatory foster carers and residential home staff who were allowed to thrive, an inquiry has found.Nottingham City and Nottinghamshire County councils exposed...

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How bad is knife crime where you live? Figures for each police area

22/01/20   A breakdown of the number of knife crime offences for every force in England and Wales in the 12 months to June 2019 has been released.It comes as new statistics show that knife crime offences have hit...

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